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Low-profile portable bridge-mounted piezo with volume control for mandolin

MP-1 is a portable piezo pickup for mandolin, engineered and handcrafted by KNA.
The innovative design allows an entirely external setup without any modifications to the instrument. The complete installation can be completed within a matter of minutes.
The amplified tone is balanced and natural, providing full frequencies from bass to treble registers of the mandolin.

Safe and quick install
Just mount the pickup jack housing onto the lower bout, just below the F-hole on your instrument’s 1st (E) string pair side. Insert the wooden sensor into the bridge, between the base and the top, in the middle of the thumbwheels.

Onboard volume control
Players can control their output signal onstage or in the studio from the pickup-mounted volume knob.

Wood housing and sensor
The jack housing is encased in elegant and stylish ebony. The piezo sensor has a lightweight wooden casing to achieve maximum tonal sensitivity and transmission.

Natural sound
MP-1 has a passive design that reproduces the instrument’s natural sound with no need for a battery.

Protection for your instruments finish
The adjustable clamps have protective cork at each point of contact to prevent damage to your instrument’s finish.

Compatible with all types of flat-backed mandolins
The pickup is designed to fit perfectly on A- and F- body style flat-backed mandolins with adjustable base-and-top style bridges.

KNA Pickups KNA/MP2 kopen?

Prijs : 97.40 Euro

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