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Are you spending half your time tuning and the other half playing out of tune? It could be your hardware. The Hipshot® Tuner Upgrade Kit for 3+3 headstocks is a risk-free way to increase your guitar’s stability and get back to playing (in tune)! Whether you would like the security of Grip-Lock™ tuning machines or the lightness of classic style, the UMP™ (Universal Mount Plate) makes installation a snap. No special tools are required and you can revert your guitar back to original with no evidence that you ever upgraded.

• Standard tuners retrofit guitars with 13/32″ [10mm] headstock holes
• All tuning machines are .827″ [21mm] post length.
• Included UMP™ (Universal Mount Plate) for 3+3 headstocks fits guitars with 3 tuners on a side. No drilling or special tools required
• Open gear tuners come with HS buttons by default. Enclosed tuners come with Hex buttons by default. Lots of button options are available and are easy to change out
• Open gear tuners are 18:1. Enclosed tuning machines are 15:1
• Grip-Lock™ option uses a pin and thumb wheel system to clamp onto your string, no wraps needed
• Classic option uses traditional, non-locking string post for weight savings on guitars with neck dive
• String post hole fits strings up to .060″
• Covered by USA and and foreign patents
• Made in Korea

Hipshot HS6K2GN0C kopen?

Prijs : 114.49 Euro

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