Hipshot HS6GN0C-21 kopen?

Tuning machines are sold individually to accommodate non traditional configurations (i.e. 4+2 or 7 inline). Check out our upgrade kits for traditional headstock types.

Looking for a satisfying tuning experience without adding extra weight to your headstock? The Classic Open tuning machine by Hipshot® is a fantastic option. The super fine 18:1 tuning ratio helps you quickly dial in the pitch without overshooting while the open gear design will give your guitar a look that is simultaneously vintage and fresh.

– 18:1 tuning ratio for super fine adjustment
– String post hole fits strings up to .060″ (we can enlarge to .090″ by special order)
– Compatible with 13/32″ [10mm] headstock holes
– Open gear tuners come with HS buttons by default with lots of button options available
– Bass or treble side mounting options
– Made in Korea

Hipshot HS6GN0C-21 kopen?

Prijs : 26.25 Euro

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