Hipshot HS6GL0C-21 kopen?

Hipshot® Grip-Lock™ tuning machines are the easiest way to class up the look, feel, and functionality of your headstock. The open gear design elegantly blends modern and vintage sensibilities. The 18:1 tuning ratio and locking feature give you the easiest stringing and best tuning stability available on the market. It’s no wonder this tuning machine is the choice of the most knowledgeable players in the industry.

Tuning machines are sold individually to accommodate nontraditional configurations (i.e. 4+2 or 7 inline). Check out our upgrade kits, which are compatible with common headstock types.

– 18:1 tuning ratio for superfine adjustment
– Grip-Lock™ pin and thumb wheel system clamps onto your string end for complete tuning stability without string winds around the post
– String post hole fits strings up to .060″ (we can enlarge to .090″ by special order)
– Compatible with 13/32″ [10mm] headstock holes
– Open gear tuners come with HS buttons by default with lots of button options available
– Bass or treble side mounting options
– Made in Korea

Hipshot HS6GL0C-21 kopen?

Prijs : 28.00 Euro

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