Gotoh SXB510V kopen?

This stylish Gotoh machine head is for 3 left and 3 right configuration on a solid headstock.
The solid brass shaft is fit with a deeper bushing and it has a collar at the base. The result is maximum stability. Standard machine heads with push in bushings always have shafts that are instable, their only support point is a short bushing. The Gotoh SXB510V has supported shaft with long bushings and the mecntioned collar at the base plate. The result is a better tuning stability and improved sound. No energy is lost due to instable shafts.
The 1:15 ratio is an industry standard on these open geared machine heads and this Gotox SXB510V will outperfomr any higher geared machine head.
The gold plating is durable and the cream button adds to the luxurious look without overdoing it.

weight: 27.5 gram per piece incl bushing

Gotoh SXB510V kopen?

Prijs : 199.09 Euro

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