Hosco Japan HK-24NS/TI kopen?

The Hosco by Gotoh HK-24 bridge offers modern stability, great sounds and exact intonation with conventional looks and elegant simplicity. Playability is enhanced because of the lowered side-wall on the treble side. Adhesion and vibration transfer directly to the body is improved by two extra screws. The bridge plate enables both through-body and top-loading stringing.
Aiming for both a great sound and correct intonation, Gotoh’s In-Tune saddles are designed for more exact intonation and are installed as standard equipment on HK-24 series TL bridge. Choose from Brass or Titanium saddles to shape your tone to your preferences, or choose the aged chrome/brass saddles version if you prefer an aged look on your vintage or relic guitar.

Hosco Japan HK-24NS/TI kopen?

Prijs : 121.39 Euro

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