Boston B-1600-G brug-staartstuk kopen?

Boston Musical Products is also known for its wide range of guitar parts for both electric and acoustic guitars, but also bass and other string instruments. With over 3,000 guitar parts, Boston is ideal to upgrade or repair your instrument, but also building your own instrument is a possibility.

width baseplate: 76,3mm
length baseplate: 44,4mm
distance screwholes: 40,6mm
thickness baseplate: 3,3mm
toploader: no
string through body: yes
stringspacing E-e: 52,5mm

length saddle: 20mm
width saddle: 10,5mm
thickness saddle: 6,3mm
colour: gold
allen key included
mounting screws not included

Boston B-1600-G brug-staartstuk kopen?

Prijs : 28.89 Euro

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