Lollar 10-202-111-14 kopen?

Jason Lollar’s fascination with guitar tones can be traced back to the sound of early-’60s (pre-CBS) Strats®. That was the benchmark he aimed for when creating our Sixty-Four™ Strat® pickup. When you hear them, we think you’ll agree he hit the mark! You get prominent midrange and clear top end with a piano-like attack.

Avg. DC: Neck 6.4K, Middle 6.5K, and Bridge 6.8K

As their names suggest, flat-pole pickups have all of the individual pole pieces set at the same height, whereas with staggered-pole pickups the pole pieces are set at different heights. Staggered-pole pickups were originally created to compensate for heavier string gauges-particulary wound 3rd strings.

If you’re unsure which to choose, we typically recommend flat poles rather than staggered. In most cases, flat-pole pickups will give you better string balance, as well as a little more presence, bass and output.

Lollar 10-202-111-14 kopen?

Prijs : 155.95 Euro

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