Seymour Duncan SD00449 kopen?

Like an old photograph, the tone of the Antiquity Jazz Bass vintage Jazz Bass pickups can spark memories of days gone by and the sounds of another era.
The Antiquity Jazz Bass is a faithful reproduction of the classic vintage Jazz Bass pickups that graced some of the greatest recordings of all time. The timeless warmth and midrange punch is all there, along with RW/RP construction for hum-free operation when the bridge and neck are used in tandem.
The original pickups made their mark where new eras and genres of music began, and we are proud to offer a classic bass tone that doesn’t bend with the trends. Hand made exclusively in our Custom Shop, the Antiquity Jazz Bass uses specially calibrated Alnico 2 rod magnets, vintage-correct flatwork, cloth push-back wire, and is lacquered and wax potted like the originals.

Seymour Duncan SD00449 kopen?

Prijs : 251.25 Euro

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